Best of 2009: Tuesday Picks-Lunch and Learn, Today's Mom and PeaPod

April 2009: Stop and Shop Lunch and Learn

Andrea Astrachan is not just Consumer Advisor for Stop and Shop; you could say she is their Chief Mom Officer as well.

As a mother, Andrea knows what other moms value in terms of healthy food choices for children. She understands the challenge moms face trying to get their kids to eat healthy and stay within a budget. I’m already getting challenged by Maddy when I try and feed her peas and carrots when all she wants are cheerios.

April 2009: Today's Mom BookBash

On Friday April 24th, I had an amazing opportunity to join 50 (+a guest) other women in New York to celebrate the release of the book Today's Moms: Essentials for Surviving Baby's First Year written by Today Show producers Mary Ann Zoellner and Alicia Ybarbo. I could not contain my elation to not only have been chosen to attend, but to attend my first TweetUp and meet so many other amazing and influential women that I have spoken to through Twitter.

Not knowing what to expect from the festivities, I brought my sister and her really good camera along for the fun ride hoping just to get to know more of the moms and get a chance to talk to Mary Anne and Alicia. Boy was I in for a wild ride!

 May 2009: PeaPod Review

We also had a chance to talk with Peg Merzbacher, Director of Marketing at PeaPod, who educated us on the helpful features on PeaPod, Stop and Shop's online grocery store, like saved grocery lists and healthy food filters. Since then, one of my goals was to try out PeaPod especially since lugging heavy groceries along with a baby and diaper bag hasn't been to fun lately! I will be honest that I never really considered online grocery shopping since I didn't have a reason not to physically go to the store. However, when a friend of mine mentioned that her sister saved a ton of money without the impulse shopping, I knew I had to give it a try.

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