BEST OF 2009: Monday Picks- Recycled Clothing, Diaper Cakes and Fairway

Jan 2009: Maddy's Christmas Bolero

For some reason, baby clothing designers make holiday dresses without sleeves. Maybe it's a way to get us to purchase a sweater to go with it. In any case, I got Maddy a dress that I had been eying since early November and searched all over for a matching sweater to go with it. No luck. But then I got an idea...

The Dress

I had a dress from my college formals sitting in the closet unworn for awhile. It was my "skinny" dress: body hugging velvety fabric with marabou-boa across the neckline. I bought it from Joyce Leslie at a time when I was so excited that I hadn't gained the Freshmen-15 and could now shop at this cheap and made-for-girls-with-no-hips store. Needless to say, it does not get worn anymore. So I made the decision to give up the dress in order to keep Maddy warm and cute for the holidays. And it was an opportunity for me to test out my sewing skills.

Jan 2009:Haute Diaper Cakes

Getting inspiration from my fellow Twitter mompreneur, Renee at Cutie Booty Cakes, I channeled my inner craft-goddess and made a diaper cake for my friend's baby shower. I did some research on how to to make them and found many helpful videos on YouTube. And I have to say it came out pretty freakin' awesome!

Cyndy's theme was ocean with purple accents. I concentrated mostly on the purple and tried to find any ocean/sea/water theme toys/accessories. I can't wait to make more for anyone who wants one! The materials I used are listed below, but remember that every cake and cake designer is different. You don't have to follow my steps exactly. Watching the videos will actually help understand the diaper part since it's a little hard to explain in words. All I can say is thank goodness these are not edible because then I can kiss my WW success goodbye!!

March 2009:Fairway Paramus Grand Opening

This may sound a little odd, but I just love new supermarkets. BIG and NEW supermarkets with catchy logos and colorful abundant produce sections at the entrance. I'm in no way a foodie by any means (to save money we've been having boiled chicken and a variety of frozen veggies for dinner), but I love to look at it!

That's why I was excited when I received an invitation to the Fairway Market Grand Opening of the Paramus location. Being a Princeton resident, I didn't know of Fairway NY nor did I know of the long anticipation that residents of North Jersey had for this legendary food store to come to town. But after spending an hour up in Paramus, one of the largest shopping meccas in the state, you understand the excitement for Fairway coming to town.

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