Best of 2009: Wednesday Picks-Grover's Mill Coffee, Wine to Water, Little Miss Julia and

May 2009: Grover's Mill Coffee
On the evening of October 30, 1938, Orson Welles led a radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds” expecting to provide light Halloween entertainment. What resulted, was a nation paralyzed by fear and members of a small NJ town planning a revolt against Martians.  The effect of the broadcast, which embarrassed the residents of Grover’s Mill (now part of West Windsor), became part of American folklore, spawning books and movies on the subject and most recently a coffee shop.

Grover’s Mill Coffee, started by husband-wife team Mickey DeFranco(right) and Franc Gambatese, is part community gathering place, part museum, paying homage to the legendary broadcast which Gambatese has been fascinated with since his childhood.

May 2009: A Drink for Tomorrow Charity
A Moorestown woman has figured out how to turn wine into water.

Stephanie Weaver had a goal to one day start a non-profit organization to alleviate some form of suffering in the world. While studying at Georgetown, the Moorestown native narrowed her focus on fighting poverty at an international level, but it was an article on about the water crisis in South Africa that launched her to action.

May 2009: Little Miss Julia children's hair accessories
If the Internet and Twitter were around when I was a little girl, my mother could have started a successful business with her hair accessory creations. A Long Valley mom has done just that and has successfully used social media to help grow her business.

Joanne Schlesinger would buy women’s hair accessories for her daughter when she couldn't find something she liked in children’s stores. But then she realized: hey I’m creative; I can make these myself!

People started to notice her designs too.

June 2009: Interview with Erik Kent of
Yay you’re engaged! Call your parents, tell your friends, walk around with your hand extended flashing that gorgeous ring in your face.

Here is some Vaseline to help keep that smile going.

Go ahead and subscribe to all of those bridal magazines and websites. Pull out the Wedding Checklist and start mapping out your plan of action. But first things first: Where are you getting married? If you said New Jersey, then you’ll want to read on. If not, shame on you, but enjoy our day anyway!

When I was planning my May 2006 wedding, I subscribed to all sorts of websites and purchased MANY magazines. You should have seen my Internet bookmark list of wedding websites-I had categories for limos, flowers, accessories, dresses, etc. What I should have done was just use the one-stop resource for New Jersey Weddings, It’s a gold mine of wedding information for couples planning their big day in the Garden State. From vendors, to advice, to contests and photos of real weddings, has it all.

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