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Every month or so, an email lands in my inbox with a "You're Invited" subject followed by details of a blogger event in the city. First comes babysitter, next comes a "Yes" response, last comes "What do I wear?" I will inevitably encounter this dilemma tonight when I plan my wardrobe for the Mrs G. VIB series launch where I will be attending as the coordinator of the event rather than a blogger.

But if you find yourself in a similar quandary on the night before a blogger event-trying to decide if this is a jeans or a dress event-here are some ideas to consider:

Mrs Mo's Pick: First, you can always ask your contact person what the attire for the event should be. Or, you can go with the a simple shirt-slacks uniform and switch up the accessories or color top. For example, in the image shown, I've put together an outfit of Target clothing and jewelry. I've paired some grey slacks with a long-sleeved navy shirt and added some sparkle and interest with 20s style necklace.

Here's what other bloggers said:

@BabyCenterMom: I always say I'm going to wear a cute dress but I end up going biz casual

@ComplicatedMama: I like to wear biz casual so I can bust out some of my cute tops or shoes that I don't get to wear picking up my son from PreK

@NYCityMama: If it's casual, I'll wear pants and a nice top

@centsibleLife: I like dressy jeans and a nice top for day and a dress and heels for more formal evening events

@LynetteRadio: wear something that will stand out in other people's pics of you! be memorable! "Ab-Fab" baby!

@KeepItClassyJen: Two outfits per day...a cute casual dress during day or cute pants and top. For night a little dressier...kind of like a Girls Night Out...Be comfortable on the way home...Bring a sweater for cold conference rooms.

@ExtraordMommy: I'm a 'dressy casual' kind of girl. So - only jeans if I dress them up a bit, but sometimes pants/skirt (fun - not stuffy)

@kdevito: get screen printed tees that say follow me on Twitter with our screen name. No nametags needed! Go green! (jk)

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