This is going to be a bad break up

I can see it right now.

And I can't say I wasn't warned. Two of my girlfriends went through the same thing, with the same guy.

I'm just glad my daughter isn't old enough to read or even have silly adolescent crushes, because I don't know what kind of effect he'd have on her too.

But thankfully, he's just a character, albeit a brooding, sexy, mysterious and lovingly dangerous character. But I have to admit: I've always had a thing for vampires.

I know I'm late in joining the Twilight-saga brigade, but better late than never. Not sure what took me so long to get here, but after my 2 girlfriends were raving about how addictive, juicy and romantic the novels were I had to give them at try. But they did warn me: When you're done with the books, it's going to be like going through a bad breakup.

I started Twilight last week and even spent a few nights staying up until 3 am. I felt like I was a teenager with a flashlight under my blanket fighting to keep my eyes open to get to the next Edward and Bella scene. It's not like I had better things like SLEEP to do. I finished the book last night and after returning from a family party, I watched the movie immediately.

It wasn't cinematic genius, but now I understand the appeal and the lure of Robert Pattinson.

So now, I'm reading New Moon (of course my friend gave me the first 3 books...that would be cruel not to!) and I'm already getting emotional and longing to get to the end..hoping for a "happy" ending (if there even is one in vampire world).

I already told Rob that our next date night will be to see the movie. And with Chris Weitz (About a Boy) directing, it should be good. The trailers and teasers look like it's going to be intense, romantic and full of action.

I didn't think it was possible for me to move on from Noah and Allie in The Notebook(I took the McGosling real life breakup ever harder) and now that Edward and Bella are crowding my daydreams, it's going to be a tough break when the books and movies are over!

So who else is dreaming about vampires?


Hadiyah said...

Oh, I know the feeling! I had no interest in seeing the movie but a friend of mine kept talking about the books so I broke down and got the first one. Now I'm almost done with Eclipse and my longing for Edward and Bella and Jacob to resolve their issues is just ridiculous.

It is definitely a page turner, but I'll be sad when its over.

Jenn said...

Oh yeah, I'm a complete Twilight-head! Loved all the books, although Eclipse was my favorite. I'm counting the days to New Moon the movie!!!

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