Love your heart: National Wear Red Day

Do you love your heart? Are you committed to living a healthy lifestyle for you and your children?

Today is National Wear Red Day for the American Heart Association. Support their ongoing research to help fight this #1 killer of women. It starts simple with wearing red: a pin, a sweater, your shoes, earrings, etc. You can spread the word by passing along this info to others and join the Go Red campaign. At the Go Red for Women site, you can learn about the risk factors that you can control, donate to research, join the 12-week fitness plan or just shop your red gear for next year!

Show others your pledge to be more healthy by downloading a Heart Truth Healthy Action pledge widget for your blog or Facebook account. I made my pledge to "reach a healthy weight in 2009" and I'm almost there!

1 comment:

Reese said...

I've got my red sweater on today. It's amazing how this event has grown. good thing!

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