Mrs Mo's RePost: Last minute gifts for your honey

It's Valentine's Day!

Did you get your sweetie something yet? If you're still scrambling to get that perfect gift, you are definitely not alone. But instead of stressing over creative ideas, check out some of the last minute ideas that you can do ranging from $ to $:

If you typically spend a lot, use your money to buy cheap airfare for a weekend away (especially with the President's weekend). Get started here by searching on any of your favorite cheap ticket sites.

1. Give her/him a nice picture frame of the both of you. Maybe a wedding photo? A special dinner you had? My husband has been asking me for a picture to put on his desk so now would be a perfect time for me to give him something like that (*hint hint*).

2. If you like to cook (or even if you don't), plan a homemade dinner for two. Pick his/her or your favorite meal, light some candles, put on romantic music, dim the lights and there you go! Throw in some flowers or wine/champagne if you want. And for dessert? Chocolate covered strawberries? Heart shaped cookies? The supermarket or a bakery is the best place to stop. If you don't like to cook, get take out from your favorite restaurant or supermarket (Wegman's always has great premade food).

3. If your honey has a green thumb, give him/her a plantable card. I know it's too late to purchase them online, but check your local florist or garden center to see if they carry them.

4. If your honey is a coffee drinker, get a blank travel coffee mug (I did that one year with a mug I found at Starbuck's), and insert your card or letter in the mug. That way, every time they go to take a sip, your words will warm their heart (like the pun?). Here is one that can be found in Walmart.

If you're really creative, design a scavenger hunt around your house. The end result can be any of the presents above, but the actual hunt part of it is very cheap to do and your sweetie will have fun with the suspense.

Whatever you choose to do this day, make sure you tell your Valentine, whether it's your mom, best friend, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, or pet that you love them and are thankful for them. That's the best gift of all.

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