Twitter 10 lb Challenge

The inevitable happened. I've hit the cliched "last 10 lbs" plateau. I didn't think it would happen since I made it through the holiday by actually LOSING weight. Maybe I got too confident and cocky in my weight loss. Maybe I was on so much adrenaline before Christmas that the post holiday slump has hit my weight loss hard. Maybe it's just my pig out sessions on pretzels. Whatever the case, I need a motivator and I can't do it alone. I need my Twitter buddies!

For those of you in Twitterland and on Weight Watchers, you may be a WW Tweet member: sharing your stories of successes or bummer days. Many thanks to the ladies over at "Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat" for starting this group. I love finding other women who have the same goal in common. My entire WW journey has been through the Internet using the online tools. I haven't been to meetings and haven't really relied on the help and encouragement of a group. But I think it's time. For the last push, I want to get there together. So, here's the challenge:

By using Twitter and WW Tweets, let's lose 10 lbs by March 1. I initially thought, maybe by Valentine's Day, but that's like crazy dieting and I can't do that. March 1 gives us about 6 weeks at around 1-2 lbs per week.

Just follow these steps to get started:

1) First, you must follow WW Tweets.
2) Anytime you want to message the ENTIRE CHALLENGE GROUP, you have to send a DM to WWTweets. Do NOT do an @ reply.
3) To join the challenge, DM WWTweets and paste the following: "@hmorris0506 Count me in for the 10 lb challenge!" and include your WI day.
4) Spend the week offering tips on fitness & food, asking questions and sending motivating messages. Whatever you like. Just add the hashtag #10lbchallenge in your message.
5) Lastly, leave a comment with your Twitter address so we can follow each other and offer support beyond this challenge. You can find me over at @hmorris0506.
6) Bookmark this post and once a week, post your weigh-in stats, food or fitness tips or the week, and what you will do differently (if necessary) next week.


CJ said...

@toppestfight - Joining the 10# challenge. Sent a DM to WWTWEETS, too, but I thought I'd leave a comment. ;-)

choosinglosing said...

Sounds exciting! Count me in

celiajoy said...

i'm so IN for the 10 pound challenge...i'm down to my last 15 pounds (lost 50 in the last year), and have kind of been coasting for the past few months. I'm ready to focus and lose the rest of this weight!! I am @celiajoy on twitter...thanks for starting this challenge, it's a great idea!!

Minneapolis said...

@alliemn- Joining the 10# challenge. Weigh in day is Monday... longtime WW member, lost a bunch but a bit has crept back on...

Rachel said...

I'm in! :)


Me said...

Count me in!


Amy said...

Me too :) @AmysFrugalWL

jen said...

I tweeted but I will put it in here as well!

I am in!

Will you have a place to put starting weight and additional weekly WI information? or do we put all that info here?

Mrs Mo said...

Feel free to copy and past my template for your post:

Challenge week 1
WI: +/- 0

Fitness: increased cardio to running/walking and increased strength training from 5 lbs to 10 lbs weight

Goals: Switch up lunch from turkey sandwich to omelets & NO PRETZELS FOR A WEEK!

Rachel said...

Challenge week 1
WI: Er, we'll go with maintained (missed WI)

Fitness: Walked 4 days, did Wii Fit 2 days

Goals: Eat more (filling food) fruit, walk 5 days, and do Wii Fit 3-4 days.

jen said...

Challenge week 1
WI: -2.6

Fitness: Started using the elliptical. Twice this week I was able to go for 10 minutes total [2 minutes on; 30 seconds off]Also I am doing push ups and sit ups 3 times/week.

Goals: Eat more filling foods. Add a 20 minute workout into my morning routine. Hit 10 miles on the treadmill each week.

jen said...

FYI My twitter id is @bwJen

nic said...

Can't wait to join, need the add before I can DM.


15lbs to go for a total of 70! Can't wait for this 10lb challange!

Anonymous said...

I lost 1/2 lb. 9.5 lbs to go!


Mrs Mo said...

Jen- The elliptical is great and I feel like I get more of a workout sometimes instead of getting tired running.

Good luck!

Mrs Mo said...


Did you do anything different this week? Or will you try something new next?

Erin said...

-3.2lbs This week(WI was Monday)
I did the normal workouts last week- earned a little over 40 AP's

I started eating my weeklies last week, I think I might continue that!

Mrs Mo said...

Way to go Erin! My problem is that I don't count activity points so I never eat my extra 35. Is that what you meant by "weeklies?"

Erin said...

Nope, I don't eat my AP's. I just eat the 35 bonus weekly points now. I used to just eat my daily allotted points, but I lost more eating the extra 35!

celiajoy said...

Challenge week 1
WI: -1lb (-1 for this challenge, -51.2 overall)

Fitness: continued running (3 miles, 3x/wk), added pilates one day

Goals: TRACK MY POINTS! And add 1/2 mi. to my long run.


Rachel said...

WI: No change (-0 for this challenge, -11.8 total weight loss)

What to do different: eat activity points (apparently because i'm increasing activity and just eating daily points, I'm undereating)

Goals: Wii Fit 3-4x/week, walking 4x/week

celiajoy said...

Challenge week 2
WI: -2.4 this week! yea! (-3.4 for the challenge, -53.6 total)

Fitness: ran 2 days this week (would have been 4 but for the ice storm), pilates 2 days

Goals: keep tracking - I wrote down everything I ate this past week, and it is working for me!

Mrs Mo said...

CeliaJoy I'm so excited for you! Congrats! Did you do anything different with your eating even though you kept it within your points? I had to shock my body to lose.

Great job!!!

Mrs Mo said...

Challenge week 2
WI: -1.9 (7.9 to go)

Fitness: I actually worked out less bc DD was sick. But I powered up my strength interval and tried other exercises.

Goals: To use my extra points and hope that it = more loss next time!

Mrs Mo said...

Challenge week 3
WI: -.9 (7 to go)

Fitness: Tried to do my strength interval 2x a week and cardio 3x

Goals: I definitely used my points and then some this week and that is working so I'll try and do that again!

jen said...

Sorry I totally forgot to check in between week 1 and now but I am kicking butt!!

I am down 7.4 since we started this challenge!


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