Haute Baby Shower Gift: Diaper Cakes

Getting inspiration from my fellow Twitter mompreneur, Renee at Cutie Booty Cakes, I channeled my inner craft-goddess and made a diaper cake for my friend's baby shower. I did some research on how to to make them and found many helpful videos on YouTube. And I have to say it came out pretty freakin' awesome!

Cyndy's theme was ocean with purple accents. I concentrated mostly on the purple and tried to find any ocean/sea/water theme toys/accessories. I can't wait to make more for anyone who wants one! The materials I used are listed below, but remember that every cake and cake designer is different. You don't have to follow my steps exactly. Watching the videos will actually help understand the diaper part since it's a little hard to explain in words. All I can say is thank goodness these are not edible because then I can kiss my WW success goodbye!!

1 pkg 66 count diapers (newborn or size 1)
1 pkg rubber bands of various sizes (Dollar Store)
3-4 purple hydrangea stems (Dollar Store)
1 baby bottle(Dollar Store)
1 sippy cup (Dollar Store)
1 roll decorative Grossgrain ribbon (at least 1 " width)(Michael's)
1 roll contrasting Grossgrain ribbon (less than 1 ")(Michael's)
Glue gun
Gift Basket Wrap
Assorted baby toys/accessories (Babies R Us and Dollar Store):
1 pkg white baby socks (Babies R Us)
1 rattle
2 pkgs pacifiers
1 pkg tub toys
1 pkg finger puppets
1 pkg baby socks

1) Using a large enough rubber band to wrap around a lot of diapers, begin to wrap diapers (printed side in) around the baby bottle. Essentially you will overlap the diapers to make a spiral around the bottle. Keep adding diapers until you get a decent size base. Some people use an actual cake pan as a guide for size. You will use about 1 1/2 of the diaper pkg.

2) For the second layer, I started by rolling the diapers into a tube shape(printed side in) and wrapping a small rubber band to hold secure. I made 6 of these and then held them together with a large rubber band. Take the group of 6 and place it directly on the top layer so that the top of the baby bottle will slide through the middle. From there I continued with same technique from the bottom layer to maintain a consistent look.

3) Take your ribbon and wrap around covering the rubber band on your cake. I fastened the ribbon by using a few drops of hot glue.

4) Then I took the sippy cup and placed the socks around it with the cuff of the socks facing up. Then use a rubber band to hold socks in place. Slide the cup through the top layer.

5) Then came decorating time. I decided to make a front and back to the cake using the back side to store all of the goodies. The front of the cake showcased the detail of the ribbon and flowers so it looked more like a cake than a gift basket.

6) The final step is to wrap the cake with cellophane to protect the toys and diapers from any admiring fingers who might want it for his or herself.


Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Great job. The cake is beautiful!

How to Make Diaper Cakes said...

It came out great!! I actually just wrote a post on how to make a diaper cake. Pretty easy, right??

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