My Hairstory: Pre and Post Natal

I have been able to classify each semester in college by hair color or length and I always swore that once I found a fabulous stylist that I would leave my hair alone.

Well, fast forward 7 years and I'm suffering from multiple hair personalities again. Problem is: I grew up as a blond. Right around high school, it started growing in dark blond. Now, it's like a light brown. I've tried to embrace the brunette, but always prefer the saying "Blonds have more fun." I realized that I have changed my hair multiple times over my pre and postnatal months. Shocking, funny, a little ridiculous, but always fun for reminiscing. Each time I change my hair, I miss the old look and when I achieve the old look, I want something new again.

Here is my hairstory. What look do you like the best? What is yours?
Photo 1: Aug 2007 (1 week prenatal)
Photo 2: Dec 2007 (about 20 was safe to color and I went a tad darker since I was leaving it alone until Maddy was born)
Photo 3: June 2008 (1 month postnatal..the old highlights are breaking through while my natural color is growing in)
Photo 4: July 2008 (2 months post...embracing the brunette goddess within..or just trying to match my sister)
Photo 5: Sept 2008 (4 months post...notice the reddish tint since the brown has faded)
Photo 6: Oct 2008 (5 months post...the big chop!)
Photo 7: Oct 2008 (I stupidly applied highlights from a box and they turned orange...I missed my blond hair)
Photo 8: Jan 2009 (8 months post...almost back to natural)


marthahong said...

I finally figured out it wasn't my hair I was so unhappy was my LIFE. This usually happened in Feb. I found I either cut, colored or curled my hair about this time every year. Now I know they have a name for it...Seasonal Affective Disorder or...Sick Of Winter...take your pick..LOL.

Stay tuned...we will see what I do THIS Feb...ha, ha, ha. Good luck with your perputual search for hair happiness. Repeat after me...I am beautiful just the way I am....;) xo Martha

Sharon said...

don't touch it! Your hair is crying,
Your Mom!

And-it looks great.

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