Work-from-home income opportunity for people who can use a computer

Submited by Guest Poster: Dmitry Dragilev of Crossloop

Are you someone who is always giving computer advice? Are you the resident techie in your family? Or are you just so frustrated from trying to make an Excel spreadsheet that you need someone to help you?

Which ever one it is - I think you will find a solution for yourself at Crossloop.

Crossloop is a free screen sharing tool which anybody can use with anybody else. It was started as a free way for families to share their computer screen with each other and help each other with computer problems. This is still possible and it now is a great way for the helpers to earn some extra money.

Here is a great video demo of how this tool works:

To learn how to use Crossloop as an "expert" or a student, read more


Moola Champion - Ultimate Strategy Guides said...

I am impressed with this tool and I hope it will also help me to get rid of the situation of solving computer problems in my family all the time.

Constantin said...


you also need to try this one:

TeamViewer offers an easy, free and sophisticated tool for remote sessions, desktop sharing, collaboration, file transfers.

No registration and even no installation is required for working with it. You'll be amazed, I promise.

All the best,

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