A lot preppy and a little punk

I would say my style is a mix of preppy and sporty..maybe even a dash of punk. It should come as no surprise that Maddy would dress the same (until she can choose for herself). My brother just got me the cutest punk onesies from one of his friends who has her own hand-made business.

Little Punk People is run by Daniela Fullam and based in New Jersey. She sells onesies with different dicut graphics like a scull and cross bones, a whale, lightening bolt and an anchor. They are available in a variety of prints and colors. And for mothers of boys, there is an "I [heart] boobs" option!

You can purchase the onesies at Etsy.com or view the designs at her myspace page. She also sells acrylic on plywood artwork that remind me a lot of the Beetlejuice cartoon.

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Moola Champion - Ultimate Strategy Guides said...

I have seen the designs at her myspace page,they are all marvelous,I'll definitely buy some of them.

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