I want the pink ones!

There was a time when being a girl and wearing pink meant you were stuck in your elementary school days. I used to LOOOOVE pink but once the 90s grunge era and high school hit at the same time, most females wore earth tones, navy and black. The 'it' skirt was a GAP plaid pencil in navy and green. Pink was so little girl. But now, thanks to the resurgence of bright colored fashions, preppy lines like Lilly Pulitzer and Tommy Hilfiger and of course, Victoria's Secret, pink is very in and I can be a girlie girl whenever my wallet allows.

So, you can imagine my joy when I found running sneakers with not just pink, but HOT pink trim by Nike. I hit Famous Footwear, knowing I wouldn't have to pay full price for a new sneaker. I got over having to wear shoes that were 'this season' and found that 'last season' or even two seasons ago was perfectly fine and within my budget.

Of course I was looking for comfort and affordability, but when the Nike Women's Zoom Explosion Rd sneakers caught my eye, I had to have them! They are running sneakers and definitely are worth the purchase. I am not a runner, AT ALL, but these give me a little bounce and cushion to make the experience less painful. They retailed for $64.99, but were $54.99.

For this season's Explosion Rd 2, click here.

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