I thought my name was Madeline?

When babies are learning how to say words like "Grandpa" or even their own name, they tend to make up words like "Di da"(Grandpa). Made up words or names are not restricted to babies however. Moms and dads are prone to calling their babies by names other than their given one.

Case-in-point: Madeline is now know as either "Bunny" or "Honey Bear". I think I only call her by her name when she is falling asleep during her feeding time. The "Honey Bear" was also the nickname my sister gave her without knowing I was doing the same.

Some other names we have called her in theses first 5 weeks of life are: "Fidgey-Widgey", "Wiggle Worm", "Bunny Bear" and "Sweepie".

What are your favorite nicknames for baby?

1 comment:

Sharon said...

you know - Ryan couldn't say grandpa - he said Ba Ba for my Dad. So - that evolved into Pop Pop.

And the rest is history!

Steve is happy to be pop Pop

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