Old School bottles rock!

While I did baby bottle research for my baby registry, I learned that Dr. Brown's bottles were one of the best brands for reducing gas, colic and irritability in babies. And even though I agree that they are great at reducing gas, Maddy does not drink from them very easily. She actually drank much easier from the disposable Similac nipples that you get in the hospital. So I started experimenting with other bottles and found one that is an oldie but definitely a goodie.

The factors that played into my bottle choice were:

  • Are they BPA free? I discovered a lot of research about the dangers of the toxic chemical BPA and decided to get either glass or BPA-free bottles.
  • Do they help to reduce gas? Maddy has reflux and needs bottles that won't aggravate it more than plain old feeding already does.
  • Are the nipples easy to latch onto? The Dr. Brown's nipples were narrow and seemed uncomfortable for her to feed from.
I tried the following bottles:
  • Playtex Drop-Ins
    • Pro: Easy to assemble, no gas problems, easy to latch, liners are BPA-free
    • Con: hard to tell how much has been consumed
The bottles that won me over, not just because of the BPA-free factor but because of the easy feeding feature, were the Playtex Drop-Ins. The old school liner bottles won in the end!

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