Cranky baby? TootSweet to the rescue

If you're baby is fussy or rooting, pop in a pacifier. What if that alone is not enough? Soothe your baby with TootSweet!

TootSweet is a Sucrose solution I have been using regularly with Maddy while we've been at the hospital. Since she's been on the drip tube for feeding, she is missing the sucking of the bottle. The TootSweet calms her down even more than a pacifier alone would.

If, for some reason, you have to take your baby to the hospital, ask about the TootSweet if the nurses have not brought you some. Here at RWJ, the NICU keeps it in stock and so the nurses have to go there to get it, but it is a commonly used solution to help babies stay calm. Maybe ask to take a few cups home.

TootSweet is available at the Hawaii Medical online store. A package of 40 one ounce cups is available for $22 and a package of 6 one ounce cups is available for $3.30. For larger quantities, call them at 800.596.1555.

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