St Patty's Parade in Morristown

On Saturday, Rob and I stopped up in Morristown for the St Patty's Day Parade. Both my brother and sister live in Morristown and were having very different parties. Even though I could not partake and the traditionally Irish festivities, it was still fun to hang out with them. My sister's party involved beer pong and a keg while my brother's party had an older crowd with more of a formal brunch style setup with beer, mimosas and Irish whiskey.

At around noon, Rob and I headed into town for the parade. We joined in with the other families while my siblings embarked on a day full of bar hopping.

The parade included local bagpipe groups, servicemen and women from the Army, Marines and Coast Guard, local police and fire departments, the cutest Irish dogs, the cutest Seeing Eye dogs and a troupe of step-dancers (to name a few). There was also a random girl with a pet goat, but I didn't get a picture.

While some people my age were spotting the nearest bar and running into other drunk friends, I was eyeing all of the different baby strollers! Wow how things have changed!

Here are some photos from the day. Expect to say "awwww" at the dog pictures.

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