Living in the Soprano State

If you listen to 101.5 and/or the Jersey Guys then you also have heard the "3rd Jersey Guy" Bob Ingle visit the studio every week. You would also know that he co-authored, with Sandy McClure, a controversial, yet very real account of corruption in New Jersey called The Soprano State. Why the name? Two reasons (as told by Bob Ingle himself): 1) Most people out of the state associate NJ with the show "The Sopranos" and 2) NJ politics is a lot like the mob.

Being a fan of the Jersey Guys and Ingle's visits, I had to leap at the chance to see them in person at one of Ingle's book signings.

On Wednesday, the 12th, Rob and I stopped into the Borders in Princeton. Like such a giddy girl, I was eagerly anticipating Casey and Rossi's arrival. For some reason, I was expecting them to be taller and not as common looking as they were, but it was still cool to see them in the flesh. By 7:30, Ingle started his Q&A portion of the event. Ingle kept a playful banter with his cohorts, Casey and Rossi, while Casey surprisingly sat quietly.

Many of the audience members were also fans of the show, laughing at inside jokes and asking specific questions directed at comments Ingle had made on previous visits to the radio show.

Finally, around 8, it was time to line up and get the book signed. What would I say when I got up there? I saw people hamming it up with Ingle, Casey and Rossi thinking, what are they talking about? But of course, when it was my turn all I could say was "hi" and "thank you." When I got to Casey and Rossi, I told Casey that I read his blog (it was a running joke that no one in the radio audience read his blog). Wow, that was a great conversation! But I got their autographs (even though I was giving the book to my brother and he doesn't listen to them) and I saw them in person so mission accomplished.

If you are interested in checking out Bob Ingle on the rest of his book tour, click here for locations. Unfortunately, Casey and Rossi will not be in tow. They only appear at the very local events.

Bob Ingle is the Trenton Bureau Chief for Gannet New Jersey newspapers. Casey and Rossi, "The Jersey Guys" broadcast live on 101.5 FM from 2-7pm.

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