Shout Out: Melissa C Morris

If you want to follow the life of a young New York socialite, then check out Melissa C. Morris's website.  

Why this site? Well, for starters, I attended high school with her at Morristown-Beard and just happened to find her on Facebook (of which I am a recent registrant).  When I checked out her site, I thought it was a lot of fun with her travels and special events and even the people she knows.  I especially like her special posts called "Preppy Picks" where she features a new product that she really likes.  Maybe I need a special name for my "Mo's Munch" or "Mo's Must Haves?"  

Now if I can just get a special invite to a designer's store opening or a special benefit gala, that would be perfection!  I'll settle for email blasts from stores that I sign up with.  Good enough!

1 comment:

Mel said...

thank you so much for the kind words and the link! i've been enjoying your blog too, and it's always fun to reconnect with fellow MBS students. cheers!

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