Stage 2 of my new career: Market Myself

If you read my "new career" post, you know that I am trying a new career but also working to build a new client base for tutoring in the Princeton area. I have my 2nd tutoring job tomorrow where the parent found my business card in town. So today I am venturing out in the Princeton area to post my business cards. I am marketing 2 types of services: Math Tutoring and Computer Tutoring.

My Math Tutoring will hopefully be my main source of income, but since I taught computers for a few years, I can offer that as well. I'm going to hit the most obvious places: food stores, libraries & post offices, but additionally, I will try out small businesses and cafes. I also found some interesting tips online: 1) Send your business cards with your bills and 2) Leave a business card with your tips at restaurants. I'll just have to do that!

If you're interested in designing high quality cards like mine, go to and you can choose from hundreds of designs and fonts styles. A batch of 100 cards is about $4 (plus shipping and handling).

Wish me luck!

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