Stage 1 of my new career

I've never really talked at length about my personal endeavors. That was never really the purpose of my blog, but I wanted to share with my readers the new direction that I am taking so it could inspire some of you who are thinking about the same pursuits.

I am not going back to full-time teaching in the fall. Instead, I am continuing my Public Relations Certificate program at Rider University during the day while maintaining my math teaching through tutoring in the afternoons. Since I am not going to have a regular paycheck, I need to earn some income and that is why the tutoring is going to be a major necessity. Thankfully, when I do want to go back to teaching in a school, I can do either public or private school since I have my Teacher of Middle School Math certification. Back to the tutoring....

I have been passively marketing myself for tutoring by placing business cards in supermarkets and local shops. I also have my card featured in the County Woman publication that is available in various shops around Mercer County. But I knew that in order to develop a client base, I needed some more aggressive advertising. Something that was going to be seen by a few hundred people. And that is were J.S. Paluch and Co. came in!

When Rob and I came home from our cruise, we were checking our answering machine and there was a message on there from Lionel Simon, an ad consultant with J.S. Paluch(pronounced Polluck) who had seen my ad in Thomas Sweet Ice Cream shop and wanted to give me a larger marketing base to work with. J.S. Paluch is a company that publishes Catholic church bulletins. For anyone that is Catholic or have attended a Catholic mass, you know how the bulletins make use of 1-2 pages of ad space. It's a great market especially since church is full of families in the area. This was going to be the start I needed to get publicized in a reliable environment.

Tutoring is not my only desirable source of income, but this is what I know what to do: teach and help kids. I have so many other interests (hence the PR certificate, the Bucknell Club of Princeton, and Mrs. Mo's New Jersey), but I have to start with a sure thing. It's establishing the client base which is the hardest. But it's only June 29th. I have July and August until the MoBeard paycheck stops and my new life begins.

If any of you reading this are thinking "how am I going to get my business noticed" and you live in NJ or the PA area near Jersey, give J.S.Paluch a call. They will set you up.

J.S. Paluch and Co. 1-800-524-0263

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