Mrs. Mo is a Schmoozer!

I got tagged by my favorite playwright in NYC-Maria from the Baaaahh Project. She gave me the Schmoozer award given to bloggers who "know how to connect with people and are able to leverage those connections.” This is so very flattering especially since I feel like I'm still learning how to schmooze properly...especially with all of the appearances I have to make with my Bucknell Club.

So, in following tagging rules, I have to choose 5 other bloggers who have achieved the schmoozing art as well. Here we go:

  • Wonder Woman at Disjointed Intelligence speaks her mind and just happens to speak our minds too!
  • Elizabeth E at MomReviews tests out the latest products, books, and more. She gives detailed reviews getting her family involved in the process too!
  • The Everyday Weekender is your go-to place for everything to do for your weekend, or week long getaways.
  • ilker yoldas has a runaway hit with his Thinking Blog. He has an enormous fan base of thinkees following his posts, insights, and thoughts.
  • Finally, I'm giving my last schmooze award to the girls at A Girl Must Shop. I don't need to say much other than they find great pieces and, of course, this girl must shop them!


Wonder Woman said...

YAY! Thank you so much! I'm honored to be considered a schmoozer by you!

megan said...

awww, thanks! It's all who you know! ;) hugs!

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