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It's been way to long since I've done my Sunday Shout Out! and yeah, I realize it is Monday, but close enough! This morning I am trying to gear up to do all of my grading and comments for the end of the year and I decided instead to browse for some Shout Out worthy blogs. Here they are in order of discovery:

The Blog of South Brunswick
I really like the premise of this blog and I think more communities should jump on the bandwagon. This blog is organized by the South Brunswick Post and it gives residents the opportunity to comment on anything going on in the community.

Rt 55
Here are the random happenings in Millville, NJ, just south of Vineland in Cumberland County. From Kids' murals in town to the Millville Bikefest, this blogger captures a lot of the events in town. However, not only does he capture the good of Millville, he is also proactive in trying to bring more attention to the neglect from landlords holding property in town. Here's a sample letter that he sent to one of those "slumlords" as he puts it. More power to him. I'm not that brave to do it, but sometimes you just get tired of the despair around town.

*Mo's Top Pick: Tommy Eats
This guy is doing exactly what I need more time to do! As a hobby, he travels around NJ and NY, trying out pubs and restaurants and blogging about them. He also offers cooking tips and wine advice. I'm still getting the courage to ask places I go if I can take pictures of their products and food. Thanks for the tips Tommy!

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