Indoor training for outdoor cycling races

If you were training for a distance run, you can easily build your endurance and strength on a treadmill if the weather or your daily schedule doesn't allow for an outdoor run. But did you know that it's possible to do the same when training for a cycling race?  My sister Caitlin has recently been training for the American Association of Diabetes Tour de Cure (Click HERE to pledge your support for Caitlin!) in Princeton and she's been able to train indoors by using a cycling trainer from Saris Cycling Group

There are no parts to assemble and no heavy equipment to get around. The Cycle Ops Trainer attaches easily, maintains an authentic road-like feel and can be adjusted to the ability of the rider.  Prices range from $149.99-$1,199.99 depending on your training needs.

In order to track her progress and workout activity while she is riding outside, Caitlin has been using the iPhone App RunKeeper, which is like your own personal GPS system. She can also share her progress through Twitter, Facebook or through email which is a great way to show people what you're working towards so they can cheer you on. 

Caitlin has been busy training and having so much fun, that she recently just signed up for The Revolutionary Ramble in Madison. You can support her in the Tour de Cure in Princeton by visiting her personal page here.

To find other cycling events near you, visit or for a more complete NJ list.

Events coming soon in NJ:

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