Mrs Mo Reviews: Viva Mexico Restaurant in Flemington

The unassuming facade of Viva Mexico gives away very little cozy setting and authentic cuisine you will find at the Flemington-based Mexican restaurant. 

The family run BYOB restaurant is the destination for when you're craving fresh homemade Mexican food or maybe when you're in the mood for tortilla chips and some hot and spicy salsa. Nestled in downtown Flemington, beyond the chain restaurants and diners, Viva Mexico was a date night destination that Rob and I will be bringing friends back to in the near future. 

While the decor of the place was nothing too special, it was certainly colorful and festive.  The menu was the highlight and obviously the reason for the packed room and constantly rotating tables of eager and hungry patrons.

Our waitress greeted us immediately with a bowl of crisp tortilla chips and a fresh salsa that lit up our taste buds. Even though I previewed the menu ahead of time online, Rob and I still mulled over the menu trying to choose from all the mouthwatering options.  So many good choices-do you go traditional and what you know? Or try something new?  I found an option that was perfect for the indecisive eater: The Combination Platter.  My choice of tamale, burrito and enchilada covered in salsa verde (you have a choice of salsa roja or mole), a drizzle of sour cream and a side of black beans and rice certainly left me stuffed but wanting more.  Each part had such unique flavor but seemed to work well together. The tamale was wrapped in a corn husk, steamed and stuffed with chicken; the burrito's ground beef was fresh and light with a slight taco flavor and the enchilada with chicken had a more mild flavor than the corn enhanced tamale.  Rob on the other hand, was adventurous and was intrigued by the Chiles Rellenos or Stuffed Poblano Pepper.  A surprising spinach flavor from the pepper was a nice compliment with the salsa roja and chicken. 

The friendly and helpful (with pronouncing the menu items) staff and the numerous other menu items are reasons that will take us back to Viva Mexico again. 

Viva Mexico, 117 Broad St., Flemington, NJ 08822; (908) 788-0744; Reservations: Yes; BYOB


simply said...

Thanks for posting. I think it's worth a visit one day. What would you recommend for first timers? Thanks!
NJ Caterer

Mrs Mo said...

thanks for stopping by! I was a first timer and that's why i got the combo platter. I think it depends on your experience with Mexican restaurants. If you want something different, I totally rec the stuffed poblano pepper my husband had. Something different and delish!

Let me know how you like it!

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