Love Mom & Dad: Valentine gifts for kids & teens

A fond memory as a kid was waking up on Valentine's Day and finding a sweet surprise of glittery heart-shaped jelly bracelets on my desk.  I never expected that kids were supposed to get Valentine's Day gifts and so you can imagine how fun it was to celebrate the day too.  

So while you're busy shopping for your spouse or significant other, take a minute to remember the other little loved ones in your family.  Whether it's heart print kitchen mitts for the little chef or a red and white hacky sak for boys who don't-do-hearts, you can have fun finding something that will warm their heart and maybe even make them behave for a day...or better yet, give you a hug in public! 

While all the items below were found online, you can pretty much get something like them in stores. Just be creative! Dollar Stores are always great to start.

Clockwise from top right: Rainbow heart kitchen mitts, $6.00, Sandmaster Footbag, $14.75, Pink row headband 5-pack, $6.99,  Declarations of Love vinyl tote, $14.80, Flower Heart BPA-Free Nalgene bottle, $12.00, Men's heart print pj pants, $19.50, Heart shaped jelly bracelets, $7.99 (72count but available in small quantities in stores), Heart tights, $8.99

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Gift Basket Jewels said...

I remember enjoying the scrumptious taste of red, heart shaped lollipops that a schoolmate placed in our valentine folders. It sent the message that it's a day of sweetness, both in heart and mind.

I enjoyed reading about your memory of a sweet day in February.

Shirley Bass

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