Adventures in pregnancy part deux

Okay, after I wrote that title I pictured a pregnant Elisabeth Shue running through the streets of Chicago with a bunch of other pregnant women trying to allude the authorities for some reason. Gotta love 80s flashbacks. I never really get too personal on my blog.  I may use my life as an anecdote to the theme post of the day, but I've intentionally kept my blog more feature/review style. However, since Monday's theme is "Mommy Monday" and (if you haven't found out already) I am pregnant with my 2nd child, I figured I'd use the opportunity to write a little every few weeks about my Adventures in Pregnancy (okay now I hear a movie trailer voice doing a Captain America thing)

I am about 15 weeks along and in that stage where I'm definitely wearing maternity pants, but getting creative with my regular sized pull-overs, wraps and flowy tops. Although, some clothing manufacturers make some maternity tops pretty tight so that's worked out well too.  And I can't find my belly band which is totally annoying because that does an awesome job at keeping even some of the too big maternity pants from falling down (as some do).

But what I really want to talk about is my ferocious and insane obsession with food!  I'm convinced that some of my pregnancy belly is just all the extra food I keep shoving in my face. I mean it's pretty ridiculous.  But thankfully with this pregnancy I CAN actually eat salads and vegetables and meat unlike with Maddy, I couldn't even LOOK at those things. I went from being a healthy Weight Watchers person to eating pizza and ice cream almost daily! But with this baby, I still have no will power around the ice cream, but at least I can eat balanced meals. The only problem is that I ruin the balance with constant snacking..and it's not always with fruit and veggies.

One day I was so disgusted (maybe in awe is a better word) with my habits, that I posed a question on Facebook-"has anyone else had such an enormous appetite in their pregnancy"-and I was pretty impressed by talent that some of my friends had when they were pregnant.  For example, one wrote that she ate an entire pizza in a sitting. Another said she went through a Taco Bell drive-through, got a burrito, and then went back around gain for more! (And she never goes there).   Speaking of drive-thru, there's a new Sonic in the same complex as the Stop and Shop I go to. Everytime I go food shopping, I look over and think about when the day will come when I actually work up enough of an appetite to try it out.  Grrr stupid yummy ice cream commercials.

So my food indulgences are across the board.  This is kind of weird but lately I'm OBSESSED with the Asian Gourmet Wasabi Crackers. Sure, they're like paper thin and only 120 calories for about 22 of them, but if that's what's getting me through my snack habits (and being home all day doesn't help) then I don't care if I start sweating Wasabi. They are soo good.  Another food I just don't buy because I'll eat the whole bag are any Chili Lime/Salsa Lime tortilla chips. Oh my are they good! My last classic pregnancy indulgence is the ice cream.  My favorite is actually the Turkey Hill Extreme Cookies and Creme (Light Recipe). It's chocoalte with chocolate cookie and there are some big chunks of cookie in there! But you see, I don't eat the recommended serving size. I stand there eating out the carton and then I get mad at myself and just throw the rest out because I could potentnially eat the entire thing in one day. So now I buy Skinny Cow sandwiches-portioned out low fat ice cream.

Oh and let me not forget my new found love of the Food Network! Thank goodness we didn't have that blackout with Comcast because I don't know what I would have done for entertainment while I work at home. I never really watched the channel but knew of a few chefs/personalities (Giada, Rachael Ray and Iron Chef). But now I actually have some favorites (Sunny Anderson, Robin Miller, Ellie Krieger, definitely Giada, and The Neelys).  

I go for my 2nd monthly pregnancy appointment this week. Here's hoping I don't get in trouble at my weigh in!


ShutterBugGeek said...

Congratulations! Didn't know you are pregnant. Pregnancy does interesting things to women. I was craving sushi & had to limit myself to the veggie or cooked items. Gelato and McDonald's french fries were also high on the list.

Sunny Anderson said...

i follow bloggers and i'm so happy to have you as a viewer, especially as an expecting mother! I know food cravings are crazy these days, so good to know we are giving you a visual fix :-). thanks so much for your support, i totally appreciate it. congrats, you're already a mommy!!

Mrs Mo said...

Robin-I too love sushi and rarely grab a veggie/calif roll. Love Gelato from Bent Spoon or Whole Foods.

Sunny-What a wonderful surprise! Thanks so much for finding my blog and reading my post. I really love your energy and personality on the show..and of course your dishes! Definitely visit again!

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