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This past August, I had an opportunity to meet and speak with Kathy Buckworth, author of The BlackBerry Diaries, during the East Coast leg of her U.S. book tour. Now, Kathy is done touring the country and has even made an appearance at Women's Conference hosted by Maria Shriver. She's a busy lady, but still has time to stay connected with her fans and linked into her real world schedule of on-the-go-hockey-mom with the aide of her loyal Blackberry, Seamus, by her side (or her hip). But Seamus is no ordinary mobile device. He's like a 5th child (without the hockey tuition). Just check out an excerpt from his baby book:

My name is : Seamus

My favorite food is : Anything with a high voltage

I love to eat : Information that my Mom feeds to me.

My sleep habits are: When I need to shut down, I can totally turn off the whole world.

My mommy loves to buy me : New leather holsters, and pink waterproof covers.

My daddy always : He's more attached to my twin brother, Serious. They bond on business issues.

A cute quirk of mine : When I really have something to say, I buzz and vibrate and flash lights.

My latest milestone: I have mastered Twitter through Twitterberry

My favorite people are: My mom and my other human siblings. But they're not allowed to hug me too tight.

People say I look like : I am well loved.

My favorite toy is : Thumb wrestling with Mom

My favorite game to play : Brickbreaker, of course.

Do you like bath time: NO!!!!!!!

What makes you mad : When I'm trying to get Mom's attention and she has to tend to one of my siblings.

Favorite snack : Tidbits of information

Belly or Back sleeper : I'm fine either way, just not on my side.

Do you have a nickname: Mom's little BB

Awww, so cute right? I'm considering a name for my phone. Maybe something with an E since Maddy seems to like carrying it around like it's Elmo or Eebee. Maybe Emmie or Emmet or something. But anyway, back to the contest:

It's now my turn to pass the title of modern-mobile-mom to another lucky woman who is probably saying to herself: "ugh if only I had a Blackberry..I could _______(insert wildest dream)." If you can dream, then you can play this game and win a BlackBerry Tour, courtesy of Research in Motion!

All you have to do to enter is the following:
  1. Leave a comment answering the following: "If I had a BlackBerry, I'd name it ______"
  2. Earn extra entries by Tweeting about this contest with my Twitter handle attached (@MrsMoNJ) or leaving a comment on Facebook
If you have already read Blackberry Diaries, you can now pre-order Kathy's newest book, Shut Up and Eat. Here's a little about the book:
In Shut Up and Eat, humourist and parenting author Kathy Buckworth applies her razor-sharp wit to an examination of the family meal. Experts claim that sitting down to eat together can prevent children from getting into trouble while simultaneously creating close-knit families. In Buckworth’s opinion, that’s an awful lot to expect from a meatloaf! What about the son who thinks his food tastes better on the blue plate with the fish? Or the daughter who won’t eat anything green? And let’s not even talk about the mom who’d rather be doing anything but standing in front of the stove (drinking a glass of wine comes immediately to mind). Laugh-out-loud funny, more accurate than most of us would care to admit—and with a few recipes thrown in for good measure—Shut Up and Eat is a must-read for any woman who’s ever wondered: What the hell am I cooking tonight?
You can meet Kathy online by following her on Twitter or becoming a fan on Facebook.



Elise-PearlMom said...

If I had a Blackberry Tour I would name it Rosie! I love roses, pink is my favorite color and I always wanted a child named Rose so I could get a rose wallpaper for the background, pink case and then I would truly have a Rosie!

Anonymous said...

"If I had a BlackBerry, I'd name it Journeywoman" which makes good sense. I'm online all the time. My website is called I'm @journeywoman on Twitter. This BB would simply become 'Journeywoman' -- my alter ego.

TheAngelForever said...

If I had a Blackberry I would name her Maxine. As the only XX chromosome in this house, I need another female partner in crime and I know my handy-dandy Blackberry Maxine would be there for me.

TheAngelForever said...

Tweet Tweet:

Jenn said...

If I had a Blackberry, I'd name it Baby. "Nobody puts Baby in their pocket!" - an homage to Patrick Swayze and Dirty Dancing!

Funky Chunks said...

If I had a new Blackberry I would name it "My Precious". My current Blackberry (Curve) is attached to my hip and will need to be surgically removed! :)

Brandi C said...

If I had a Blackberry Tour, I would name it Fred. I consider Fred a practical name, probably because it was the name of Mr. Rogers, and the Blackberry is obviously a practical device. I might even make it a cardigan. :)

Katmagick said...

I would name my Blackberry Merry because I know it would make me happy.

Katmagick said...

I fanned you on FB and left a comment under the Blackberry

Katmagick said...

I left a comment on FB under the Blackberry post.
Melanie D

jen said...

I am totally needing this phone!! If I had a Blackberry Tour I would name it South Park! so when something goes wrong I can yell about it like they do on SP...."they killed bastard!"

jen said...

I tweeted!!


Magic Mommy Reviews said...

My BBSPs name is Pinkie Mcpinkerton! I love her, she wear a stylish pink rubber sleeve. And I practice phone yoga, I am one with pinkie!

Melysa said...

If I had a Blackberry Tour I'd name it "My Electronic BFF" since that's exactly what it would be.

Melysa said...

Tweeted :)

Rebecca said...

If I had a BlackBerry Tour I would name it Miss BeeBee

Felicia said...

f I had a BlackBerry, I'd name her my BlissBerry-because of the bliss I would have with it along with all the apps to keep my kids busy with! :)
tigpooh1516 AT yahoo DOT com

Felicia said...

I commented on your FB page and became a fan. :)

Felicia said...

Just tweeted! Thank you for the giveaway. :)

Felicia said...

Sorry, I forgot to leave the link to my tweet @tigpooh1516

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