Mrs Mo's Pretty PIcks: Would Love To, But Where?

I've been neglecting my "Pretty Picks" duties for no good reason. My love of fashion definitely hasn't changed. But after a recent excursion to Marshalls (where I only purchased shoes for Maddy), I discovered that a lot of my Fashion Wants are also Fashion Wheres? as in "Where would I ever wear these [even though they're HOT!]?"

Item #1: A dark gray Fedora. Found it in a bin on the way out of the store. Actually Maddy spotted it first (she has this new fascination with putting everything on her head-colanders, lids, bowls, and hats). It's very Justin Timberlake and Ri Ri, and when I put it on, I loved it! But "Where would I wear it?" Even for $7.99, it wasn't worth it. But I still love the look!

Item #2: Michael Kors ankle boots (stilettos): Hot. I mean...very hot. I've seen them on The Hills to Project Runway. Spotted on The City and runway shows. But do these hot-child-in-the-city shoes have a place in my wardrobe? Probably not. I already have a few pairs of sexy heels that I bought because "I'll probably have an occasion to wear them" and then never did. :(

What do you think?

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