I'm a Sunny 7 Mom!

If you were to ask my husband, "So was your wife chosen to be one of the Sun & Earth Sunny 7 because of her cleaning skills?" he could almost choke on his own laughter.

It's no mystery among my family that I am not a skilled cleaner. I definitely did NOT pick up that gene from my mother. But I do care about keeping my family healthy by using products that are safe to have in the house and that don't emit harmful fumes.

I have been slowly getting my husband, who is the harsh abrasive chemical user man, to get on board with using products made with plant extract and oils. It cleans just the same I tell him. But as the saying goes: if our moms used it and we're fine, then I'm using it.

But I digress...the purpose of this post is to tell you about this exciting opportunity I have been given as a NJ area blogger, who is also a mom, to educate my readers about a "leading brand of safe, natural, non-toxic cleaning products" from Sun & Earth(a King of Prussia, PA company). Their products contain "cleaning agents from plant, fruit and vegetable oils" that are safe for the whole family.

Over the next few months, I'll share some of my experience using their products like: laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, all-purpose cleaner and hand soap, to name a few. And I can tell you right up front that when I opened the box of Sun & Earth products, this lovely fresh citrus aroma floated out and made ME even feel clean and refreshed! Now that's something special!

Follow my Tweets and TwitPics as I use the products. You may even see a video or 2 or 3 posted here and on MomTV for my "Nap Talk Series". I promise to educate and inspire because I know I'm not the only person/mom/woman/American who cares about finding healthier ways to clean around the house.

To learn more about the Sunny 7 Digital Campaign and MEET THE SUNNY 7 MOMS, visit the Sun & Earth newsletter.

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