Eebee Baby review: Parents and baby learn together

Every baby learns by doing.

What may seem like a simple or silly activity with your baby may actually be helping with his or her cognitive and motor skill development.

Maddy's at an age (14 months) where she's really learning more motor skill and applying knowledge that she has gained by watching Rob and me. She conveniently knows how to change channels on the TV, scoots over to her high chair when it's time for strawberries, loves to sit on the couch to "read" her books out loud and has figured out that the curb means taking a step down. There are so many more little skills that she's demonstrating more comfortably now and what's even more amazing is how much she's learned from repetition and observation.

This is why I was excited to test out some videos for
Every Baby's Adventures ( and Michael Coviello, the editor of When I started the Eebee videos, it was mainly an option to occupy Maddy while I tried to get some work done. But these videos were like magic. The way they captured her attention. And Eebee the puppet, with all of his colors, was like the coolest thing to watch! So after her initial introduction to Eebee, I started taking the doll in the car with us. It become Maddy's newest buddy. She would "talk" to him and play with his "hair." She laughed when I make him dance or "kiss" her. More than that though, he was a TV Character who was "brought to life" in her own home. Recently, the Eebee doll has also become another "person" to demonstrate skills instead of just Mommy and Daddy all the time.

Today, I put another video on. This was a few weeks after I played the first video. She recognized Eebee immediately and made some sort of baby talk to indicate that she knew him. I'm telling you: the videos are magic!

But they're more than that. While your baby is absorbing the activities on the screen, parents are also learning. Each segment introduces and addresses a new motor or cognitive skill. Whether it's playing hide-and-seek with a ball or having your baby crawl up a pile of pillows to reach the ball, parents are learning the many ways they can engage their baby in learning through play.

As you can see, what's so cool about the activities is that chances are: you're already doing them with your baby! Something as simple as turning a light switch on and off is a major cognitive task. And in a way, the videos validate the quality of at-home play but also give new ideas try with your growing and curious baby. So guess what mom and dad: you're doing a great job!

If you don't want to make a financial investment in the Eebee videos and toys yet, the eebee website has wonderful resources for parents to help them guide their baby through his or her developmental journey. Parents can access printable activity guides and at-home ideas. But once you read the parent testimonials, you'll definitely want to get get 1 or a few videos to keep and share with friends.

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