5 Quick Tips to Sell your Home WHEN IT'S NOT SELLING

Your house has been on the market for 6 months. You lowered the price by $40,000 and are considering dropping it even further. You have had an open house every weekend and your Realtor thinks the place looks great. Your home is priced to sell for the current market, so why won't it sell?

The problem: Your house is not staged to sell. The solution: Salazar Redesign, LLC

Salazar Redesign, LLC, founded by Vicky Salazar of Lawrenceville, is a home staging company providing functional and practical solutions to homeowners who are looking to sell or de-clutter. Vicky uses the owner’s own furnishings and accessories to accent the homes' features and minimize flaws. Her proven techniques will attract a buyer within minutes of walking in the door.

“Home staging is the hottest new trend in preparing homes for sale,” said Salazar. “I can accent the homes' features and minimize flaws by using the owner’s own furnishings and accessories.”

As you can tell by the photo, the slightly cluttered and busy bedroom was transformed into a hotel style retreat with neutral colors and a welcoming bottle of wine. Simple and relatively inexpensive changes can make the difference between getting a price you want vs a price you agree to.

If you think your home may qualify for some home staging expertise, but you're not ready to hire a professional, here are some quick tips from Vicky to get started:

De-clutter Inside and Outside: Remove any excess tools/toys etc in front and back yards. Remove excess inside off of counters, cabinets and furniture.

Clean: Sweep and mop all floors for showings. Steam clean carpets before open house. Clear cobwebs from front and back doors.

Repair: Patch holes, repair broken screens and anything that needs fixing.

Neutralize: Remove collectibles, personal pictures and paint over any bold colors.

Enhance: Show off the space in the room or fireplace and architecture.

For more information about Salazar Redesign and the services available to homeowners, visit www.SalazarRedesign.com. Vicky is a member of the Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce and NJAWBO.

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