Memorable First Birthday Gift

Yesterday was the first birthday party for one of my best friends' baby girl who will hopefully be a great friend of Maddy's as they get older.

For special events like a first birthday party, I didn't want to get something standard like a Spring outfit or a book. I wanted to give something special and meaningful to both Sophia (Maddy's friend) and Mara (My friend, Sophia's Mommy) and that would last for years to come. My gift for Sophia was a memory book just for her and Maddy to add to as they grow up together. This is a wonderful gift to give a best friend or a sibling and their children.


The instructions I will leave up to you to decide how you want to decorate, but the basic idea of how to put this memory book together is rather simple:

  1. Decorate the first page of the memory book with the 2-3 photos. Sophia's book "from Maddy" has pictures from their first playdate.
  2. Using the inscription paper, write a message for the recipient about the purpose of the book and sign it "from your child" or from the entire family.
  3. Decorate the inscription cover with stickers for more color (optional)
  4. Run the ribbon behind the front cover of the album and tie a Martha Stewart Favorite Bow (it's really easy) long ways so that the bow is vertical.
  5. Lastly, using the Glue Dots sheets, attach a quote from your "friends" pack to a piece of white craft paper roughly the same size as the quote. Using a piece of string or ribbon, attach the quote to the Martha bow.

The finished product is not only personal, but it's different, unique and meaningful. And if you're budget conscious, it only costs about $25.

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