$2 Coupon for new Snuggle Creme Softener

How often does a laundry product come along that you want to drink? Not often right?

Snuggle fabric softener has unveiled it's new line of Creme Softeners in two deliciously fabulous scents: Sweet Almond Essence and Jojoba Essence. The branding is so genius: like a laundry cafe drink! But the treat is for your senses and not your belly...don't try that at home kids!

For a limited time only, Mrs Mo's readers are being treated to a $2 off coupon if you register at the Snuggle Creme site. The Snuggle Creme is available in liquid concentrate and sheets. I mean come on people, how adorable is that bear! How can you say "No Thanks" to that cuddly little guy!

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