Show off your pet with Pledge!

Disclaimer: I have been a baaaad blogger and forgot to list this contest when it started (2/21) and now that it is nearing the closing date (3/21) and kicking myself for slacking!

Most pets have a spot-whether it's a couch, a rug or right in the middle of your bed-that he or she just love to lounge in. Forget the fact that their hair is left all over the place for you to clean! But have you seen the new Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair? It solves all of those problems quicker than a vacuum would and if you don't believe me, watch my vlog about it. Let's face it pet parents, even though our cuddly little buddies leave clumps and layers of hair all over, they are still incredibly adorable and take great photos too! That's why Pledge is giving you all an opportunity to show off your pet in the Show Off Your Shedder contest where 2 lucky first prize winners will win a 1-year supply of Pledge Fabric Sweeper and the GRAND PRIZE winner gets $5000!

The contest is simple. Simply visit the contest site, upload a photo and that's it!

Just remember that you have until March 21st to enter. That's 2 weeks! Get moving. Think of how much pet food $5000 will buy for you!

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