Legal newspaper for your little Esquires at home

If you log onto today, the top story which is difficult to comprehend is of a home in Chester which was found to be housing 93 cats in very very dangerous conditions. Most adults understand that when you have too many cats or dogs in one home and they are not "fixed", they are bound to multiply. And when you have a condition that is a clear health code violation, it becomes a legal issue. However, it may not be as clear to children who think lots of cats or dogs are cute. By pure coincidence, the latest issue of Legal Eagle, a newspaper about law for kids, is dedicated to Animal Law and the top story just happens to read "Too Many Puppies and Kittens?"

Legal Eagle, which was started in 1996 by the New Jersey Sate Bar Foundation, produces three issues a year and is popular among elementary, middle and high school students. It's a free newspaper that can be found in your local library. With a nameplate of primary colors and miscellaneous fonts, Legal Eagle is an easy eye-catcher.

Other stories in the Animal Law double issue touch on current issues relating to popular animals like: steroid abuse in horse racing, polar bear protection, a debate on live mascots, a threat to shut down the NYC carriage industry and an in depth look at dog fighting and violence against animals. A glossary is featured at the back page to help kids understand legal terminology relating to animals and general legal matters.

The Legal Eagle is published through funding from the IOLTA Fund in New Jersey which "is dedicated to providing legal representation and assistance to the poor, improvements in the administration of justice, and legal education to the public."


The Mother said...

Wow. Never knew about that. Might be a good resource for homeschoolers.

Mrs Mo said...

It definitely is especially since it's endorsed by the NJ State Bar Foundation and not some random website that may not have completely factual information.

Thanks for visiting!

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