Seasonal Libations: Organic Hard Cider

When you're a wine/appletini girl like myself, very rarely do you find a beer or beer-like beverage that you like enough to purchase on a repeat basis.

When I was in college I discovered Woodchuck Cider and consumed pint glass size amounts at the bar, not knowing just how calorie and sugar rich it was. Then, in the "real world" I found Woodpecker Cider. It wasn't as good as Woodchuck and since it tasted too much like beer, I did not get it again. A few weeks ago, while I was out in Morristown with the sibs and Rob, I decided to try a blueberry beer and I actually really liked it. It revived my preference for non-beer beer, so I went on a small hunt for another good hard cider. 'Tis the season I say.

While browsing the unique beers section at the Wegman's Wine & Spirits shop, I spotted a vintage looking label with the all caps "CIDER" staring at me. My search was pretty much done since it seemed to be 1 of 2 ciders in the Organic and Unique Ingredients section. Samuel Smith's Organic CIDER it read. An English brew. What made it even more appealing was the 118 calorie and 7 grams of sugar per serving count on the label. That came out to be 2 pts in Weight Watchers language. I was sold!

The first sip didn't sell. I thought it was going to be too bland for my sweet taste buds. But after the next few sips, I really began to enjoy it! I had to check the label just to be sure it was definitely alcoholic because it tasted like a homemade cider. It was pretty close though: Water, Organic Apple Juice, Organic Cane Sugar, Malic Acid, Yeast, Carbon Dioxide.

My Final Grade: A-, Not the original, but pretty darn enjoyable. And WW points friendly!

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