A cool treat on a cool day: Bent Spoon Ice Cream

You know when you're eating really good ice cream when it's 50 degrees out and you don't even notice that what you are eating is just as cold.

Today, Rob and I stopped by The Bent Spoon ice cream shop in Princeton for some homemade fall ice cream. The unique part of the B. Spoon is that it makes "artisan ice cream"-using local and organic ingredients- which is prepared daily. Since I didn't have enough Thanksgiving goodness, I decided to try their Sweet Potato ice cream which was made from PA potatoes. That was after I sampled their Bourbon Pumpkin (that's your man's ice cream right there!). And since my sister was back at my place watching over Maddy, I picked up a to-go cup of Cranberry Cider sorbet which was made from heirloom NJ cranberries and Terhune Orchards Apple Cider.

The Sweet Potato ice cream fulfilled my craving for a fall squash confection. It was sweet yet mild like the way Imagine Butternut Squash Soup tastes. The Cranberry Cider, on the other hand, was very rich (I had to sneak a taste before passing it on to my sister): a cranberry flavor burst followed by a dominant cider after taste. The cider was so rich, I could imagine Terhune's apple orchard and boxes of apples lining their shop. For me it was delish. For my sister, it was a little too sweet. To each his own, I guess.

The local/organic/homemade goodness doesn't stop here. There are a handful of more ice cream and sorbet flavors like chocolate bourbon pecan and blackberry tangerine clove as well as coffee, tea and pastries.

Stop in the quaint little shop, nestled between Stacy Gemma and Thomas Sweet Chocolates. Read their locally grown map, giving patrons a detailed breakdown of where they gather their ingredients. Relax against the front window and peer out beyond the Palmer Square shoppers at the holiday decorations and illuminated Christmas tree and enjoy your cold, refreshing ice cream!

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