Weight Watchers Challenge: The Weigh In

I've reached my first plateau. I've been stuck on the same weight for about 3 weeks now. And it sucks! I need to break out of this minor "rut". I think I know how I'm slightly sabotaging my weight loss:

  • Every Friday, my weight-in day, I would not count points and essentially treat myself for the day. However, the past couple Fridays I have gone a little overboard with extra glasses of wine or extra carb loading and my counting-free day turns into a counting free Saturday as well. Solution #1: Continue counting points on my weigh-in day and through the weekend.

  • Lately, I haven't really exercised as much as I could. Some nights I'm too tired to hit the gym and I just do an Exercise TV workout, but even then I'm too tired to do a good one. I also have not been walking outside as much with Maddy. Solution #2: Start working out during the day like taking walk/runs with Maddy; take Maddy to the gym with me and put her in the 'babysitting room'; get my butt in gear and just go to the gym at night-even if I feel too tired. Usually when I get to the gym, I feel re-energized.

  • Some days, I don't make my points by a little bit. I usually eat small-point lunches which makes it difficult to fill the points at the end of the day. Solution #3: My daily points is 22; maybe I should try and have 6 point meals and 2 points each snacks. I'll see how that works out!
I'll report back next Friday with my results. I welcome anyone to share their experience/success as well!

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