Cartoonize yourself

I recently became a guest poster on the Homework Help Today blog and when I viewed my profile picture I noticed that the site administrator had cartoonized my photo. When I asked how she did that, she directed me to for the free service of converting photos to color and black & white cartoons and avatars. It's really very cool! Check it out for yourself!


Alex said...

Listen I've been passing through your blog for quite a while now, and since you write about cool stuff,just wanted to let you know about cool website called, it is just like,where you put a face on a Dancing character, but this is just way cooler and it isnt only for the holidays, so check it out at
And make a free dancing ecard for all your family and friends.
This is an example of how one looks like:
Ok thanks for your space and cheers!
Keep on posting cool stuff!

Homework Help Tutoring said...

Hi, glad you got a kick out of that cartoonizer :)

I loved you writing style and hope you write for us again someday, keep up the good blogging work!


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