Weight Watchers Challenge: The Weigh In

I've done it! I've broken the 10 lbs mark! Since August 15th, I have lost 10.1 lbs. I'm feeling really good and have regained most of my pre-baby endurance at the gym (when you can't let your heart rate go above 140 during pregnant, you kind of get used to the pace).

Speaking of the gym, one of the benefits of Weight Watchers is that you don't have to kill yourself at the gym. Since you're eating based on your lifestyle (since I'm a stay-at-home mom now I don't move around that much and that is factored into your daily points), you get a daily calorie amount that is neither too little nor too high. I used to bust my butt-trying to get 2 workouts in a day, but then I wouldn't compensate with the right calorie amount. Now, if I don't feel like working out, I won't. Or, If I'm not int he mood to hit the gym I'll do a 20 minute cardio video on Exercise TV through On Demand. There are a lot of fun dance workouts that are about 15 minutes, but definitely break a sweat. I've also been trying to do yoga as my strength training. I did a video of Yoga Fusion Fitness and the next day, I was so sore. My obliques felt really tight and they NEVER do!

I suppose I would lose more weight each week if I ramped up my activity, but I'm happier to not feel the pressure. They do say 1 lb a week is about average anyway!

Here are some of the videos I've been enjoying lately:

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