90210 (2) vs the Original

I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a Gossip Girl fan. I love the stories, the fashion and the Blair/Chuck drama. Since getting hooked on one teen show (if you could call it that), I decided to give the new 90210 a chance too. I can't say that I'm loving it, but I think it would be hard for anyone of my generation to take to the remake of a show that was in a word-groundbreaking. There's nothing like the original. So far, with 4 episodes in, here are my gripes with 90210(2):

  • I'm so done with Annie. She's just annoying.
  • I do like Silver and Dixon, but that's about it.
  • Kelly and Brenda anchor the show and without them, it would not be as entertaining.
  • The story lines aren't unique enough (yet) to rival GG .
  • The whole time I'm watching this show, I can't help to wonder what the old 'gang' is up to-Are Steve and Janet still married? Where is Dylan? Is Tori successful? What ever happened between Andrea and Jesse after she cheated?
I have to admit though, even though these teen shows may seem over-the-top, it's scary how real they are. After teaching middle school and working in a school that is both middle and upper school, it's amazing the stuff kids are exposed to. They are partying younger, dating younger and getting absorbed by the luxury of money easily. I mean, you should see the clothing, gadgets and cars these kids have!

PS. Does anyone else see a little bit of Val Tyler in Kelly Taylor? Just sayin...

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