My Weight Loss Challenge

For 2 weeks now, I've been cutting calories and upping the strength and workout training. I probably should have weighed myself before starting because yesterday I did and it says I only lost 2 pounds in 2 months. Not good. Granted, I've been doing more strength training so maybe my muscle has developed faster than the fat has dropped, but it is still discouraging.

With that said, I decided to try Weight Watchers online, again. I have a pretty hefty goal to lose 33 lbs ( I lost almost 30 before my wedding mostly due to happy stress). The last time I tried WW, I was never able to eat my points. On a daily basis, I barely hit 20 points and I had to eat about 25. I could easily build my points by eating nuts, but unfortunately I have a slight allergy to them. I have to eat 23 points a day. So far, I have eaten 4.

My biggest obstacle right now is my positive willpower and attitude. I'd love to hear from anyone who had success with WW or WW online. Share your daily menu, snack ideas, etc.

Wish me luck!

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Mommy Meryl said...

I did Nutrisystem back in January and lost over 20 lbs (trust me, I have more to lose!). I'm thinking of going back to WW (can't even tell you how many times I've been there!). I always freak because I think I'm going to blow thru all of my points before dinner. . .wish I had the problem of not being able to eat enough of them. . .:-)

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