I thought a wrap was healthier than a hoagie...

Today was my first official day tallying points on Weight Watchers online. For breakfast (at 6:30), I had 2 points and at a mid-morning snack I had 4 points. For lunch, Rob and I stopped at Subway for a healthy sub. I really like the Sweet Onion Teriyaki Chicken and THOUGHT that opting for a wrap instead of the bread would be better. Boy was I wrong!!!

When I looked up the total points on Dottie's Weight Loss Zone, I discovered that my wrap was 10.5 points while the same version on the bread was only 7! So, that left me with 6.5 points to eat for the rest of the day!

It's a good thing that Rob and I spent the entire day "decluttering" our house to get it ready for the broker's open house. I didn't have time to be hungry.

**For those who don't know of Dottie's site, it is a fantastic Weight Watchers supplement offering points for restaurants, foods, everything! Here is one of her pearls of wisdom:

MARK YOUR GROCERIES WITH POINTS - After I get my groceries home I take a black marker and mark the points right on the food item - this way I don't have to bother looking the points up when I get ready to make a meal or eat that food item. This makes following the program and tracking my points EASY, which is going to help me STAY ON PROGRAM. If it becomes a chore I will quit for sure!

Visit her page for secrets to her success.

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