Busy Busy Busy

Well it was a busy week for me the last 2 weeks!

I knew I'd have a lot of time on my hand once the new year holiday was over since my semester at Rider didn't start until yesterday. Some people may see that lag time as an excellent chance to sit around an do nothing, but I am just the opposite. I was worried I'd go stir crazy for 2 weeks. So, I decided I'd find my own opportunities and that led me to more volunteering.

Since about Jan 14, I've been volunteering at the Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce. Every municipality pretty much has one. Chambers serve to provide education and networking opps to local businesses large and small. The Mercer Chamber has sponsored and co-sponsored a slew of events from job fairs to bridal expos to a wine tasting night at the McCarter Theater. Members range from large financial institutions to small business owners and everyone receives the same benefits of being part of the chamber.

When I started there, they were in the midst of trying to get invites out for their hall of fame dinner and preparing for their power luncheon where Brian Hughes, the county executive, was giving the "Sate of the County" address. There were about 500 people in attendance so it was a huge deal! I immediately took on many different tasks like stuffing envelopes, making brochures, updating membership databases, doing registration at the luncheon, etc. And since there is a small staff about about 6, they were just so grateful to have extra hands to do so much busy work. Hey...I just wanted to be out of the house!! I've already had such a fun time there and plan to volunteer until my due date pretty much.

Even though I'm only getting paid for my tutoring work and my once-a-week Computer Tots gig, my volunteer work is giving me the experience of doing PR and event planning work.

Between Morven and the Chamber, I've developed some handy skills that will hopefully lead me in my next endeavor (besides motherhood!!)

If you or someone you know is interested in joining the MRCC, contact them at 609-689-9960 or info@mercerchamber.org

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