What can 1 Million Get You in Real Estate?

Check out these 2 listings for 1 million dollar homes in New Jersey. One has 1.17 acres and the other is about 1/3 of an acre. The first one is in Bernardsville and the other is in a new fairly new development around the corner from me in Princeton Junction.

Rob and I have been doing the Open House hunt for awhile and occasionally we'll stop in an open house in the development near us just to see price and interior. I am amazed at the difference in house prices around here and what you get for your money. Yesterday I was up in Bernardsville in an area with million + houses with a lot of land and fairly new construction. Easily worth the penny. And then you compare that to a development house surrounded by others like it and you're like...why??? It's really hard to find affordable good housing around here unless you're willing to put a lot of money into renovation. I guess it's a price you pay for having good school districts, but come on!

For a listing of North Jersey Luxury homes, click here.

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