Thank you Mr. Comcast guy

My husband, Rob, and I are in major money saving mode. We look for opportunities to save in our utilities. We had been getting the Comcast Triple Play ads for a few months now and finally we decided to go for it.

First, I had to disconnect the Verizon internet. Then I had to resist the temptation from Verizon to reconnect after they sent 2 priority letters begging us to reconsider (even offering a $85 deal which we had to ignore since we can't have a dish in our development for the Direct TV). Finally, after buying a router for the Comcast digital cable and internet connection, I had the Comcast guy with a very pleasant disposition here for about 3 hrs trying to get our computers set up. And, after hours of trying to get our computers to read the router, it came down to the fact that in an effort to save money on a cheaper router, I sacrificed the ability for our house to get connected. It's neither Comcast nor the guy's fault. The computers were able to pick up the internet connection; they just couldn't pick up the server signal from the router. I felt so bad for the guy. After 3 hrs of setting up the computer, he had to set up our On Demand TV box and connect it back behind our heavy heavy entertainment unit.

I should have been excited to finally get the triple play set up, but after being stuck in the house since the morning ( I was also waiting for the glass guy to measure the sliding glass door to replace it since it developed a leak) I was getting major cabin fever. Not to mention, when I did get out of the house in the middle of the day to buy food for the week, I gave in to my addiction to candy corn and pumpkins by buying a bag and eating half of it. It's a terrible addiction and one that I battle with every Fall.

Finally, to conclude the adventure, I took the Belkin Wireless G router back to Walmart and then hopped over to Best Buy to get a NetGear router with 10x more speed and coverage. I finally have my home networked and back online. I'm still playing around with the On Demand features. I'm loving the free Exercise TV videos. I hope that's a permanent feature, but I still have to look into it.

Thank you for your patience, Comcast man. I wish I got your name, but I did learn that your 3 children take after your wife and adore shoe shopping. Smart girls!

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