Mrs Mo's Flower Pick: Gladiolus

One flower that is sure to grab attention at a party or your kitchen window is the Gladiolus. Also known as a Sword Lily, the Gladiolus is a genus of flowering plant in the Iris family and oddly enough is in the same order as Asparagus (though by looking at the flower and the veggie, you can see the resemblance). Because of its popularity, the flower has been "hybridized" to produce the many color varieties available to us in any local supermarket.

If you are growing Gladiolus at home, considering the following conditions:

            • Full sun
            • Keep out of wind path
            • Plant in Spring, blooms in Summer
            • Plant the corms every 2 weeks for full coverage

Click here for more information about Gladiolus including the various species of, bulbs, and artwork.

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