Do You Canoe?

On Saturday, I had the 2nd annual Bucknell Club Canoe Day and it was perfect weather! (last year it started to thunder and we had to stop early). We gathered at the Princeton Canoe and Kayak on Alexander Rd and then had a picnic in Turning Basin Park afterwards.

Going for a Canoe or Kayak ride is such a nice and peaceful way to spend an hour or 2 on a gorgeous Saturday. We paddled north on the canal toward Washington Ave, but either direction is fine. When you get to the entrance, you sign a waiver and fill out a form selecting your boat and then you pick out paddles, life jackets, and pads for your butt if you want them. The staff helps you into the canoe or kayak and you're off! You pay after you return. For the Canoe, it was $13 for the first hour. You can view more of the pricing here. You can certainly bring your own boat and equipment as well.

If you like to canoe or kayak and are looking for places to paddle locally, here are a few to check out:

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