LeAnn Rimes loves Tony

No, not Tony Romo...Tony Cachere's!

I was reading her feature in Shape Magazine and she mentioned that she cooks with my favorite seasoning ever! She loves spicing up her healthy meals with Tony Cachere's Creole Seasoning. Like her, I think it is the only thing you need to spice up a meal. I have the Tony Cachere's More Spice and I use it on fish and chicken (within reason). With fish, I sprinkle it on light fillets like: perch, flounder, tilapia, etc. Then, I serve the fish with a peach salsa (I get Whole Food's fresh salsa and mix in chopped peaches). The sweet and the spicy is a perfect match!

I got my Tony Cachere's spice at McCaffrey's in West Windsor. However, I am sure you can find him an any local supermarket. If you use Tony, share your thoughts and/or recipes with us!

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Maria & Stefano said...

Hey did you hear about the new clothing line from SJP?!

Have a great weekend:)


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